Tin Shing Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd." follows the excellent tradition handmade of brushes and manipulate it to do high quality cosmetic brushes. Each working procedure of brushes were hand-made through skillful craftsman.
Brush-Make-01 Classify Hair : hairs are classified according to hues 、hair tip 、soft and hard. Via these steps to ensure & hold out the quality.
Brush-Make-02 Comb out : use steel combs to comb the hair , eliminate impurity , to enable the hair tip natural and smooth .
Brush-Make-03 Take fluff off : to cull out the miscellaneous hair、fluff 、non-tip hair , to retain the essence.
Brush-Make-04 Mold shape : use special mold to make the basic hair shape .
Brush-Make-05 Push brush : The craftsman use both hands to embellish the hair shape into the best perfect radian .
Brush-Make-06 Finished : bond brush head and handle.
Brush-Make-07 Inspection: finial inspect , to ensure the excellent quality.